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Women Offering Wealth

 Joins in Partnership with 

J. Pearl Solutions 

What better way to get our financial matters in order than to start with repairing and improving our credit. With this partnership, we will be able to provide a needed resource for the community and a portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting Women Offering Wealth's programs.

J Pearl Solutions

Credit Restoration Company that help consumers and small business owners, restore and rebuild their credit file. We use the power of the law to help our clients clean up their credit scores while recommending the best trade lines that will improve credits.

No matter your financial situation, we can provide accurate and effective credit counseling. We'll take a look at your expenses, your income, and your debt. We'll answer your questions and help get you back on the road to financial freedom. We also offer Tax Preparation Services for Individuals and Small Businesses. We can provide IRS Representation for our clients because we are here for you!

Our Services

Credit Surge is a 1-hour audit to kick-start credit restoration by analyzing your credit report and identifying ways to improve your overall credit score in a matter of months with a plan of action.

Credit Restoration

Financial Education

Tax Preparation

Audit Protection

Student Loan Rehab

Small business Relief Loans

Payroll Services

We Help Remove

 1 hour Credit Surge Audit


Best Package Offer


Late Payments

Medical Bills

Charge offs


Child Support

Tax Liens

Personal Information


Student Loans




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