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If you are reading this you are more than likely reading this article from the comforts of your home, due to the temporary quarantine that our country is currently under because of the Coronavirus. This virus has placed us in a time and place that we never thought that we would ever see. As a leader what are you doing to navigate through this turbulent time? How are you preparing yourself, your brand and your business to make it through these next few months, if not longer?

Our worlds will be changed for the next several months and as a leader, it is even more important that you stand up and galvanize those you are leading through this emotionally trying time. What I will give to you in this article are some ways in which you, as an entrepreneur, can use the tools that you have at your disposal to keep you, your brand and your business going right now using social media.

Social media has become one of the great equalizers in this day and time. It has allowed us the opportunity to have a broader reach than ever before. Social media platforms, if used adequately during this time can keep you relevant, used as a source for income for your product and services, and bring you, new clients. The first way that you can use social media is by ensuring that you are using the correct platforms. Knowing where your target market is will keep you from wasting valuable time in the wrong space talking to the wrong people. Take a look at your product and services and see which platform best fits where your clients visit the most. Understanding where your market is giving you a streamline to their access.

Knowing where your target market is on social media shows you where they are but without the right message, you will not be able to get their attention. You will gain their attention by using the 4 m’s of Entrepreneurship:





Connecting with them in these four ways will ensure that they will become loyal customers. Your goal as a business owner is to connect with your clients in such a way that they will remain with you no matter what. Once you have your four m’s down you want to ensure that you stay connected with your target market. You stay connected by creating content that is relevant to them as it relates to your products and services. You can give them tips, you can make them aware of any new industry changes that are occurring and you can always keep them engaged by showing them how you appreciate their business by having special offers. Staying connected means that you must have an active presence on social media. I suggest that you do a posting 3 times a day several times a week. Do things that are relevant to your products/services, fun posts, and posts that add something to their betterment. If you are not on social media I strongly suggest that you make use of the platform to enhance your business bottom line. Create a Website, Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and a YouTube Channel. These social media platforms are largely responsible for many businesses gaining access to the world. You can do the same and it’s all right at your fingertips. The Women Offering Wealth Organization has tools and access to training that can assist you in connecting, building, and growing your business!!!!!