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Leroy McKenzie Jr.

Leadership Program Director

JNF Enterprises

We have entered a new day and time in the world that we live in today. Our day to day coming and going is filled with many obstacles and mental undertones that we may not even be aware are affecting us. In this article I want you to take a deep look at yourself from a mental health standpoint and ask yourself if it is

having an effect on your ability to be the best you from a financial perspective. In this article I want you to come away with three major points and pieces of information that you can use to take your mental health and its affects on your finances in the right direction. Let’s begin by asking this question….are you consistently frustrated with your current job situation? Do you find yourself dreading waking up because you have to go into work? Is your work environment so toxic that it leaves you drained every day that you come home from work? These are tell tell signs that your mental health can be affecting your finances. Why

do I say this? I say this because I believe that there are contributing factors to us being the most productive and most healthy at work. When we have

a healthy work environment we are more prone to be more productive. If we are more productive we have the ability to increase the financial aspect of our lives.

The second contributing factor to us being as productive as we should be at work is our home situations. If our home is not a healthy home situation then our mental health will certainly affect the stability of our finances. There are many people today who find it very difficult to function on their job because of the toxic situation that they find themselves at home. This can also have the same affect in the reverse direction. Your work situation can affect the volatility of your home situation if you are not careful. Here are my quick suggestions for dealing with your mental health and finances if you find yourself dealing with any of the situations that I mentioned above.

1. Look to gain a position that will take you out of the unhealthy


2. Seek to identify what may be the root cause of your unhappiness on the

job or at home and develop plausible solutions to shift the environment

3 Work on gaining new skillsets that will raise your financial status or

stabilize you financially.

I think if you begin by working on these core things in your life you will begin to create a healthier state of mental health and conversely positively affect your finances and lead a happier more stable life from a financial perspective.