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Christine Olfus, LPM, DC

Realtor/Property Manager 

VAREP Board Member

First Home Alliance highlights entrepreneurs with a pulse on the community. Christine Olfus, LPM, DC talks about her journey in property management and as a realtor. And discusses Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals and their involvement in the community. 

WOW Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

The Importance of Wellness in 2020

By Sheena Moton

Wellness is defined as our status of health. People view our health as Good, Fair, or Poor. We can take it a step further and say that Wellness is measured more than in our physical health also. Mental, Financial, Spiritual wellness are also key factors. Focusing on your Wellness is important for you to achieve optimal wellness. In order to subdue stress, reduce the risk of illness, and ensure positive interactions you must FOCUS! 

These categories are valuable to the lifestyle that we have.

The habits good or bad that become our regular tendencies or practice. Most times these habits are hard to give up. Habits, in contrast, require very little energy. That is why they are easy to be formed. We create a habit into a daily routine and it just takes on itself. We don’t have to think about it and many times it’s effortless. Our brain is formed into doing the habit.

Habits can be recurrent and powerful at the same time. Habits are often unconscious patterns of behavior and are acquired through frequent repetition. Here are a few: swearing, picking your nose, smoking cigarettes, biting toes, drinking coffee/tea, hair picking, licking lips, eating fast food, over-drinking, stereotyping. What are some identifiable habits that you have?

Not all habits are bad. Here is what makes them bad: A bad habit is a negative behavior pattern. Common examples of bad habits that we think are not really bad include procrastination, overspending, and spending too much time watching television or using a computer.

In 2020 encourage Wellness for yourself and others. Use these areas as a guide:

Meditate and Pray, make connections with others (network), get your proper amount rest, exercise your body, eat healthy foods, drink water, feast on positivity, take breaks often throughout the day, encourage pet therapy, encourage vacations and quality time with family/friends and give freely to others without expecting a return.

Enjoy being Well!

Mindful Thinking to Manage Overthinking

Mental Wellness for Women

By Andrea Landry-Brown, CPRS

On my own, I set the tone as I respect that my needs are important.

Women are the backbone of society. Think about it… we have all heard the saying, ‘behind every great man there is a great woman’ because it’s true! That woman is either his mother, his wife, his girlfriend or significant other. She is the woman who is encouraging him, goading him, pushing him, and enforcing his beliefs.

Well, that woman had to learn how to be strong for herself so that she could exude that mentality onto someone else. As women, we are taught to secure our homes and prepare a welcoming environment for families. This security requires massive planning, social skills, and spontaneity. This weight women carry can cause her to over process every single thought that enters her mind (overthinking). She is consistently juggling the following:

  • Service to her higher power.
  • The needs want, and desires of her family.
  • The needs of her job.
  • Her special needs.

Overthinking comes about when all these thoughts become jumbled and twisted. What this means is, she begins to obsess over these thoughts and they, in turn, overwhelm her sense of time, relevance and demeanor. Let’s take each section and give an example of overthinking:

Service to Higher Power “Did I pray today? Was it long enough? If I don’t go to church, will everyone look down on me?”

Family Needs “What type of shoes for (insert family member here) do I buy? Did I get the right coffee? What am I cooking for dinner? Who doesn’t like what foods?”

Job Needs “That report is due by 2 pm. Did I put all the information in? Do I email the report, hand-delivers, or special messenger? How am I getting to work (public transportation, car, walking)?

Her Needs “I need a break. Do I have time for a break? What do I have to get for myself?”

Let’s face it, ladies… we all know those are some very brief examples of how insane our thoughts can get when we begin to put our ‘overthinking’ in overdrive! So, how do you get to a point when you can manage your thinking without going into ‘hyperdrive’ with overthinking? 

Consider these methods:

*Make a list of your priorities, giving yourself a designated time to reach that goal. Give yourself permission to adjust the times as needed. Sometimes life happens and you are not able to stay on specific time targets.

*When you feel your thoughts racing, write them all down, no matter how random or unusual they may seem. Set that paper aside for approximately 10 mins. In that 10 min break, BREATHE! 

*Even if that breathing means to stare out the window and observe nature, listening to a couple of your favorite songs, or a light meditation grounding exercise. After you breathe, prioritize those thoughts, and turn the relevant ones into action.

These methods help to reassure yourself that you matter, you are important, and you value your mental wellness. Now, go to a mirror and give yourself a big hug… you deserve it!

Choosing a Life Coach

By Athena Thomas, The Life Calling Coach

Life Coach Expertise

Choosing a life coach is something that should not be done on a whim. In this technology age, it is easy for anyone to attach a title to their name and advertise as a life coach. In her article, 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Life Coach, Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD, points out that “people can claim to be a life coach but may have done so by watching videos or reading self-help books.” She recommends asking specific questions about where they obtained their training and exactly what makes them an expert or authority in their coaching niche.

A life coach's personal experience is a big part of their expertise or authority in their niche. For example, I am a Life Calling Coach. I help people discover their calling and purpose. A big part of that process is overcoming obstacles, barriers, and hurdles on the path to purpose. The things you don't plan for. They happen to everyone even life coaches and other professionals. I am equipped to help people overcome because I have successfully overcome many life obstacles on my journey to become a life coach, including financial setbacks, illness, disability, anxiety, etc. Some of these things may still exist but I have learned how to work around them and an experienced life coach should be able to help you do the same.

Interview Prospective Coaches

If you are considering hiring a life coach, I recommend that you interview the coach. Most life coaches offer a free discovery meeting. This is your opportunity to find out who they are in person. Yes, I do recommend that you read their biography or social media posts to understand what is offered, but these sources rarely portray the spirit, essence, and training of the coach.

During your research remember that life coaches are people just like you, with struggles, issues, and setbacks. Personally, I would never hire a life coach who appears to be perfect because they are not and they may not even be qualified to be a coach. One of the questions recommended in the article, is to ask the life coach, "Where did you do your training?" Some people claim to be a life coach but have never received any formal training in the field.

A Good Fit

The most important aspect of hiring a life coach is to ensure that the two of you are a good fit. Do you have a good rapport? Does the coach listen to you intently? Do they try to tell you what to do rather than guiding you to discover your answer? Do you have a sense of trust with them? These are important things to consider because it is a huge responsibility to put crucial parts of your life in someone’s hands. Your life coach should take that seriously and respect that. Lastly, while life coaching is a paid profession, money should not be the number one reason that they are a life coach. Life coaches should have a genuine desire to help others succeed. This can be seen in a discovery call.

The life coaching journey is not easy, it is a process of self-discovery that may be overwhelming as you learn more about yourself. So, having a professional, caring, and well-trained life coach, who can facilitate your journey with as little stress as possible, will help you to achieve your goals sufficiently. Your coach should make the experience rewarding and uplifting instead of scary and daunting. You owe it to yourself to hire the best life coach for your life situation. So don’t skimp when it comes to thoroughly investigate what they can truly offer. Ask questions and do your research but most of all listen to your intuition.





As we are three months into 2020, I want you to ask yourself these questions……What does my 2020 look like so far? Am I on the path to be who it is that I am supposed to be at the end of this year? Have I put myself in the position to be better by the end of 2020 then I was at the beginning of 2020? What impact have I had thus far in 2020 and what impact do I plan to have by the end of 2020? These are just a few questions that I want you to answer for yourself after you have read this article.

The purpose of this article is to put you in a position to understand the path that you are on, whether it is the right path or the wrong path. If it is the right path, then I want you to stay exactly where you are and keep doing what you are doing. If it is the wrong path, then you still have time to turn and get headed in the right direction. They say that the two most important days in your life are the day that you are born, and the day that you figure out why? When you understand why you were born you begin to put yourself on the path to the purpose that you serve, while here on earth.

For those who may not yet have your purpose figured out yet, I want to give you just a couple of ways in which you can begin to figure it out and put yourself on your path to being in your purpose. Here are a few things that you can do.

I want you to begin to look at your life from a personal perspective. As you look at your life from a personal perspective, I want you to write down these ways to look at it and then develop a plan as to how you will become better in those areas. From a personal viewpoint look at yourself in these ways:






As you look at these areas begin to think about how you can be better in each of them by the end of 2020 and then I want you to develop what I call your ASSIGNMENTS. Once you have developed your assignments, a minimum of 10, I want you to begin your plan that will not only make you better by the end of 2020 but it will put you on your path to your purpose and allow you to Chase the Impact that you will not only have on your life but Chase the Impact that you will have on those that will enter your life!!!!!

Planning for Growth: Self-Care Plans


Athena Thomas, The Life Calling Coach

Growth is Necessary for Self-Care

“They succeed instinctively because they each know their own temp and recognize it in the individuals and institutions with who they collaborate.” T.D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes wrote a book on instincts to enlighten us about tapping into our inner being and living instinctively. When we hear the word “instinct” our mind goes to the animal kingdom, but humans have natural instincts as well. Animals rely on their instincts for survival or else they become prey for predators. It’s something that occurs naturally and is not taught.

Do you know yourself well enough to live by instincts? Living by instinct requires you to trust that little voice inside. This occurs when you take the time to learn yourself as an individual. Intimately knowing self is the core of self-love and self-care. Proper self-care and self-nurture lead to growth. But life can get hectic and time is made for everyone else and everything else except self. Which stagnates individual instinctive growth.

Your instincts are at the core of your being, your spirit, your gut, your third eye, your chakras, your internal compass. Learning who you are instinctive takes time which means you will need to allow more time for self. Instinctive growth helps you tap into your core, and learn who you are, what you are naturally good at, what you are passionate about, and, how you learn, how you fall, your strengths, your weak areas, and more. The information you discover will be used to create your self-care plan so you can grow instinctively.

Instinctive growth involves listening to your inner being to move along the path of self-care. How does one grow instinctively? It requires being in sync with yourself, God (Universe, Higher Power), your environments, your relationships, and your purpose.

The process of instinctive growth includes:

  • Growing from the inner being outwardly
  • Adopting or working from a growth mindset
  • Recognizing constant growth within you
  • Seeking opportunities to grow

Stagnation is something that should be avoided and used as a measure to review areas in your life for possible pruning. When you are in tune with your instincts you will also realize when you need to establish boundaries, which helps develop self-discipline.

Path to Purpose and Self Care

The path begins with a decision. A decision to live on purpose, thus making self-care your priority. Do you believe there is more you could be doing, desire more peace, joy, and fulfillment? If yes, then you are ready to begin your self-care journey, your path to purpose. But this realization also comes with the acceptance that self-care and purpose can be overwhelming, so where do you start?

Great! You decided to move forward with purpose and self-care. Next, learn what it means to live on purpose, how it relates to your inner being, how purpose influences your instinctive growth and self-care, and how to use everything you discover as a growth step in your self-care plan. Establishing your path to purpose will touch all aspects of your life through your growth steps, which allows you to implement a self-care plan that fuels your instinctive growth.

Learning to Grow Instinctively

You are born with an instinct towards purpose but may not know how to take hold of it. That’s where growth is necessary. Self-learning is the first growth step in your self-care plan. Which may require a fresh start in some areas. You must open yourself to learning self-much like a baby learns self.

For example, babies rely on their instincts for survival and self-discovery. In their first year of life, they discover self-first through their five senses. They discover their body through taste and touch, they discover their voice through hearing and speaking and eventually they discover they can move their body on their own, they can sit, then stand, then walk, then run, then talk, and it goes on and on.

Once they have discovered all their natural abilities as a youngster, they are nurtured by their parents, their environment, and they grow! They receive input from their parents, their environments, their connections to people, and their inner self.

But what happens if the child doesn’t grow in this natural process? They become adults with incomplete foundations who don’t know how to nurture and care for themselves, much less others. They continue to grow physically but maybe stagnated emotionally or spiritually. Your childhood growth pattern determines the path to purpose and self-care.

Growth Step #1: Go back to the basics. Rely on your inner self to learn who you are and use what you discover to grow instinctively.

The Growth Formula

The Growth Formula is designed to assist you with establishing a path to purpose and self-care plan. It involves your whole being and tapping into all resources including your Spirit (God, Universe, Higher Power), your Instincts (Self), and your Focus (Mind). All are needed because each one brings a different perspective, tool, guidance, and power to your path.

Spirit + Instincts + Focus = Purpose (Growth)

Following this growth formula will fuel you on your path to purpose. It teaches you how to use all your resources to reach your goals. Once you discover your individual design, you will begin to see which resources yield the most return for you.

The first step in accomplishing growth and starting a self-care plan is realizing the importance of growing daily, where you are stagnated, and what is involved in each part of the Growth Formula. The graphic below shows the Circle of Purpose and how each part of you relates holistically to your path to purpose and self-care. Establishing a path to purpose is the first step in implementing your self-care plan.





We have entered a new day and time in the world that we live in today. Our day to day coming and going is filled with many obstacles and mental undertones that we may not even be aware are affecting us. 

I want you to take a deep look at yourself from a mental health standpoint and ask yourself if it is influencing your ability to be the best you from a financial perspective. In this article I want you to come away with three major points and pieces of information that you can use to take your mental health and its effects on your finances in the right direction. Let’s begin by asking this question…. are you consistently frustrated with your current job situation? Do you find yourself dreading waking up because you must go into work? Is your work environment so toxic that it leaves you drained every day that you come home from work? These are telling tell signs that your mental health can be affecting your finances. 

Why do I say this? I say this because I believe that there are contributing factors to us being the most productive and most healthy at work. When we have a healthy work environment we are more prone to be more productive. If we are more productive, we can increase the financial aspect of our lives.

The second contributing factor to us being as productive as we should be at work is our home situations. If our home is not a healthy home situation then our mental health will certainly affect the stability of our finances. There are many people today who find it very difficult to function on their job because of the toxic situation that they find themselves at home. This can also have the same effect in the reverse direction. Your work situation can affect the volatility of your home situation if you are not careful. Here are my quick suggestions for dealing with your mental health and finances if you find yourself dealing with any of the situations that I mentioned above.

1. Look to gain a position that will take you out of the unhealthy


2. Seek to identify what may be the root cause of your unhappiness on the

job or at home and develop plausible solutions to shift the environment

3 Work on gaining new skill sets that will raise your financial status or

stabilize you financially.

I think if you begin by working on these core things in your life you will begin to create a healthier state of mental health and conversely positively affect your finances and lead a happier more stable life from a financial perspective.

Let's talk about Health Insurance


Eugene Poole - Aligned Benefits Group

Eugene Poole and Aligned Benefits Group

ABCs of the Affordable Care Act for 

Small Businesses

Our Recent Work

Affordable Care Act for businesses 

How to find a licensed Insurance Brokers &

Why it’s important for you to do so...

Our Recent Work

Single Moms' option(s) regarding Health Insurance

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Find out your options

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"So glad to bond with these amazing and inflential women in health, wellness, and life coaching... as we support each other with our goals for the upcoming year". 


We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

WOW Fire was one of the most exciting and healing events we had thus far. Maintaining this fire was no joke as the flames were quickly burning out. We put anything we could possibly think of to keep the fire going so, much so that when it was time to put out the fire... it took everyone to help in ensuring the fire was out. Teamwork at its best...

Teamwork makes the Dream work...

Building lasting bonds was the lesson for the day as we all opened ourselves up to be vulnerable for the release process of letting any and everything we felt like was holding us back from reaching greatness. Tears, heartache, old memories, current situations were being thrown in the fire. We all walked away feeling like a ton of weight was lifted and a new perspective on life begun. Can't wait till the next one Spring 2019.

Tips on Online Dating w/ Athena Thomas - The Life Calling Coach

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Mount Jezreel Christian School

"Where Children Learn and Grow"

By: Nicole Smith

Recently, I was invited by Menia Pearson (Administrator) at Mount Jezreel Christian School for a tour to learn about the school's academic and training programs. Mount Jezreel Christian School has an inspiring curriculum that ties a fun hands-on classroom setting with a Christ-Centered Philosophy. The school promotes a healthy environment where students can excel in technology-driven steam programs and each classroom is catered to the needs of the children from pre-school to 6th grade. Mount Jezreel Christian School since 2005 continually strives on building a solid bond between the teachers and parents to develop a nurturing environment for every student. I must say that by the end of the tour I was in awe of the learning environment as it truly made me feel like I was a kid again... full of endless opportunities to express my creativity and at the same time build on my critical thinking skills. If you live in the Silver Spring, Maryland area and are in the market for scouting out new schools; Mount Jezreel is a great school to check out.

For more information about open enrollment or take a tour, please call 301-431-1985 or visit Mount Jezreel Christian School 420 University Blvd. Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

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A Heart to Heart w/ Keisha J.

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Moving Past the Fear

After having a wonderful experience as a guest speaker at a Packing Social Event. I immediately thought about how fear can have such a stronghold over our lives. Do not let fear stop you from becoming your best self, telling your story, or experiencing something new because SOMEONE ElSE will benefit from it too!

Social Media

IG: @authorkeishaj


FB: Author Keisha J.


Book: "The Pieces of My Heart" available on Amazon and on website

Song: "How Many Drinks" by Miguel


People & Blogs


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Changing Your Perspective

Your thought process is where it all begins first, so there is no room for thinking that "the glass is half-empty"!

Social Media

IG: @authorkeishaj

FB: Author Keisha J.

Intro: How Many Drinks- Miguel


People & Blogs


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"Women Offering Wealth 1st Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Basket Giveaway was a complete success. We were able to help 5 families with starter(s) basket filled with everything they needed to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner. "

November 21st, 2017

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Finding Your New Norm...

By: Nicole Smith

October 26th, 2017

This evening we visited a local Domestic Violence shelter in the District of Columbia. Instead of having our monthly event we decided to promote awareness of Domestic Violence by giving encouragement to the women who are directly impacted by the growing crime against women today. At the Shelter  we met so many women from all walks of life there who were open to sharing their pain and their journey into finding a new norm for themselves and for their children. I think that the impact for myself is when one of the ladies stated that "Domestic Violence didn't start with physical abuse from my partner; but it started when my mom told me I wasn't good enough"... which made me questioned "How can someone create a new environment for themselves" ?

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August/ September Newsletter

The Good Life

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Think twice before Travelling Internationally without proper Medical Insurance....

By: Eugene Poole, MBA, PMP

ACA Certified

Senior Account Executive

Aligned Benefits Group, Inc.

Did you know that most travelers assume they will be covered by their standard medical plan? The truth is, while traditional plans may offer adequate domestic coverage, they are not designed for international travel. Without  even realizing it, you may be putting your health- and that of your family-at risk. You have enough to worry about when you're travelling. Don't let your medical coverage be an uncertainty. International Medical Group (R) has developed two Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plans to provide you and your family superior protection so you can spend more time enjoying your international experience, and less time worrying about your medical coverage. Please check out the video to see how this coverage can work for you.

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By: Ateya Ball-Lacy

Hood Smart: The Urban STEMulus Project is a TV reality game-show that shines a light on talented students of color that excel in (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! We aim to shift the focus towards the positive images we need to see on reality television by highlighting and celebrating the creative genius of our youth. Our team of passionate educators, professionals, STEM and STEAM experts, media moguls and environmental activists are committed to using their talents to create a manuscript for urban students to write their own narrative. Through this revolutionary TV reality show, we will change the perception of how underrepresented youth perceive themselves and their roles in the world around them.

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

3 Tips to Walk into your Greatness

May 08, 2017


Leroy McKenize Jr.


Every great person had to go through the process of being groomed for greatness. David was a shepherd before he became King. He learned how to protect his sheep by killing a lion. He also killed the Giant Goliath, which prepared him for battles that he would go through as King.


Every great person has someone along the way that saw that there was something different about them and in them. Dr. Martin Luther King was selected to the Civil Rights Movement because those around him saw that there was something special about him. Ray Charles has a piano teacher that saw something special in him and nurtured and groomed him to be a great musician. Former President Barack Obama had people who saw something special in him and groomed him to become the 44th President of the United States of America and the 1st Black President of the United States.


What are you willing to sacrifice to be great. Every great person had to sacrifice something for their greatness. Whether it is family, friends, personal life or money, it will cost you something and the question that you have to ask yourself is are you willing to pay that cost.

"Bringing Visions To Reality"/Building The 21st Century Company”

Why Aligned Benefits Group, Inc. Does what they do?

May 18, 2017


Eugene Poole, MBA, PMP

Corporate Member Eugene Poole, MBA, PMP ACA Certified explains why his company Aligned Benefits Group, Inc. has so much success when it comes to educating the community on Health Insurance. He explains that Aligned Benefits has seen and experienced the devastating effects to families and their businesses who do not have adequate health insurance. According to a Transamerica study, approximately 60% of all bankruptcies and 50% of all mortgage foreclosure in the United States are due to unpaid medical bills. Although the Affordable Care Act has made a significant dent in this dismal statistic by providing health insurance to more than 11 million Americans for the first time, more can be done and we need everyone’s help with meeting this tremendous need in our Country.

The second reason why we do it is because both individuals, families, and businesses are begging for our help. Although the Affordable Care Act was a step in the right direction, people are confused by a dizzying array of choices, at varying prices with huge tax penalties looming if we fail to choose adequate coverage in a timely manner.

The third reason why we do it is that both Federal and State Agencies realize that they need health insurance agents to help the public make the right decisions. These organizations have come to realize that although a web navigator can show people how to navigate throughout the websites, only a well-trained health insurance professional can help the public make the appropriate decision to fulfill their healthcare financing needs.

The fourth and final reason for pursuing this issue is that when the Affordable Care Act was passed and required that insurers adhere to the 80 and 85% Medical Loss ratios, the insurers responded by cutting the health insurance professional commissions by 50%. This has caused several health insurance professionals to leave the business and abandon both the individual and Small Group markets leaving these constituents to fend for themselves. In addition, many of these organizations do not have an assigned health insurance agent and have become orphaned accounts. Therefore, the need has never been greater for health insurance professionals with the right experience and training. As a result, this is why Aligned Benefits Group, Inc. do what they do best. 

Why You Should Skip the Expensive Vacation and Create A Self-Care Plan

May 18, 2017


Nichola K. Brown, LICSW

We often think about planning a luxurious vacation when we want to escape the daily grind and truly get some R&R.  But some people find it difficult to switch into vacation mode because they have conditioned themselves to always be "on".  Real rest is an inside job.  The rest we are chasing may not always be found on a vacation, but instead it can be developed over time by implementing a self-care routine.  Vacations are great way to create a temporary break; and I believe everyone should use all their leave but that oftentimes is not the case.  In fact, Americans on average do not use all their vacation leave.  I truly believe that part of the reason why is because we do not know how to rest (physically or mentally) and many people do not understand the benefits of self-care.   By developing a self-care plan, you can create habits that will help train your mind and your body to rest.  Developing a lifestyle that incorporates routine self-care is an investment that will last well beyond a 7 day/ 6 night vacation to your favorite destination spot.

Here are a few tips to help you develop your own self-care routine:

Tip 1: Get More Sleep

Coffee is not a substitute for sleep.  Our body is designed to get about 8 hours of sleep, and even more depending on your age and health condition. Try to reduce the amount of time you spend on social media and catching up on shows. Remember, when we are well rested we make less mistakes and we are more productive.  Sleep is a necessary part of an effective self-care plan.

Tip 2: Unplug Regularly

Being tethered to our smartphones and other electronic devices can create anxiety and some unhealthy behavior.  Take a weekend sabbatical where you and your family put away all your electronic devices for one weekend.  This will help you let go of  your need to always be connected and allow you to create mental space.  Allowing yourself time to think and space for your thoughts to develop can produce some of your most innovative and creative ideas.

Tip 3: Journal

As you begin to unplug and create this mental space in your life; it is important to journal.  I recommend using paper and pen.  There are tremendous benefits to writing down your thoughts.  This exercise can help you to release your thoughts and to de-clutter your mind.  It is also a great way to capture new ideas and to begin to develop your vision future.

Tip 4: Forgive Yourself

It is important to forgive yourself from past mistakes, failures, disappointments, and pain.  We have all experienced something that we need to let go of.  Instead of letting go, we carry the guilt and shame of the past into the present.  This can be difficult to do.  But releasing the emotional burden that can weigh us down is an important part of the process.  If you find that you need help with this, please connect with a licensed therapist who can help you.

Tip 5: Be Gracious to Yourself

We can be our worst critic.  Therefore, it is important to pay attention to our internal dialogue and daily self-talk.  Words are powerful, and they can have profound impact on our lives.  Saying kind things to yourself and developing a mantra is an important component of your plan.

Tip 6: Laughter is Good Medicine

This is a Proverb in the Bible, and research now proves that there are numerous benefits to laughter.  Grab a good comedy, spend time with family and friends who make you laugh and joke around with your loved ones.  Remember that it is ok to laugh at yourself. 

By implementing these habits into your life, your next vacation will not be responsible for helping you recover from a year's worth of exhaustion.  But instead, it will be just a vacation that you can be present for and just enjoy.

Please share your thoughts.  What are some other self-care tips that you use now, or plan to use in the future?

If you would like to learn more about developing a self-care plan email me at [email protected]

WOW Women Are Welcome to Join my next virtual coaching program starting in June

Keys to Endurance: Seeking True Freedom

May 29, 2017

By :

Athena Thomas

What is true freedom? True freedom is embracing all things good and bad, then using them as anchors, rooting yourself in a path of growth on the stairway out of mediocrity. True freedom is about living on purpose based on God’s truth.

“Then Jesus turned to the Jews who had claimed to believe in him. If you stick with this, living out what I tell you, you are my disciples for sure. Then you will experience for yourselves the truth and the truth will free you.” (John 8:31-32, MSG)

When you abide in God’s word, truth will shine its light in the dark places of your life that your enemy has used to keep you bound to fear, pain, lack, failure, etc. There isn’t one person who hasn’t been hurt, who hasn’t failed at something, or who hasn’t made poor choices. Some of you have stopped moving while others have risen above and achieved more. What’s the difference? The difference is how you view your obstacles and your level of endurance. True freedom increases your level of endurance and is accomplished through prayer, healing, and breaking connections. Healing brings about a new-found strength, faith in God, and confidence in yourself.

Lack of endurance has more to do with poor emotional and spiritual health. By not dealing with your truth you are slowly killing yourself and weakening your ability to “remain firm without giving in.” I challenge you to “remain firm without giving in” to fear, rejection, pain, lack, deceit, failure, anger, or anything blocking your ability to be free. Your keys to endurance are to accept your truth, love yourself, live on purpose according to your truth revealed by God, and to use the boulders that buried you as stepping stones in your path to live on purpose and not by accident.

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Vistaprint recognition of Women Offering Wealth on March 8th, 2017 was a very special and profound moment as we celebrated International Women's Day. To have an article written about our organization's website in a way that expresses unity and a passion for what we do. Detailing our W.E.A.L.T.H. principles as we serve the community. (Click link below to read article)

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You've Got What it Takes

By: Kithy Ranga

Proverbs 31 is our biblical role model of womanhood. A woman on a mission. One we can be inspired by. She is a woman who is not confined to one particular role but who demonstrates the capacity to live a life filled with purpose. You may find it discouraging to compare yourself to a woman with such noble characteristics. Don't be. The most important trait of the virtuous woman is her unwavering relationship with God—not her job title, marital status or social clout. Yes, she is called to do amazing things, to be strong and courageous, to be loving and generous, to be confident and full of wisdom, but above all else, she is called to an intimate relationship with Christ.

Now, you're probably thinking how can we as modern-day women relate to her with our diverse lifestyles. Her characteristics are still very much applicable regardless of which season in life you find yourself. Some of us are pursuing our passions, building a business, others are starting a family or waiting to hear from God for our next steps. This virtuous woman represents a woman of power and capacity—a force to be reckoned with. A woman who has dignity, integrity and high moral standards in how she chooses to live her life. Who wouldn't want to be that woman?