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Sponsor- We are seeking sponsorships from businesses that align with the theme and mission of the event. Sponsorship opportunities may include logo placement on event materials, product sampling opportunities, and more. We are open to working with sponsors to create custom packages that meet their needs. Sponsorships starting at $375.

Vendor- We are seeking vendors who share our passion for health and wellness to join us at the event. Vendors may offer a variety of products and services, including organic food and beverages, natural skincare and beauty products, wellness supplements, yoga mats and accessories, and more. Vendor spaces will be limited, and priority will be given to those whose products and services align with the theme of the event. Vendor Fee is $50 (must be prepared to bring own table and chair(s)).

Partner- We are open to partnering with local health and wellness organizations, yoga studios, meditation centers, and other similar entities. Partner organizations may offer their own workshops or classes and will be featured prominently in event promotions and marketing materials. Partner organizations will contribute monetary or in-kind contributions valued at $125.