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The Meaning Behind W.E.A.L.T.H.

"Wealth is the direct correlation with a person’s overall well-being; how they endure through trials and tribulations; giving back to the community with activism; being a leader by just voicing their opinions; yet having the capability of working with a group of people and finally having a healthy heart.”

~Nicole Smith -Executive Director

Our Workshops 

Our W.E.A.L.T.H. principles i.e. (Wellness, Endurance, Activism, Leadership, Teamwork, and Health) is the heart and forefront of our organization, and it is our way that we can give back to the community.

Wellness Workshops

Provides helpful tools on self-care and work-life balance:

Self-Care Information

Humor Benefits

Stress Information

Work-Life Balance

Endurance Workshops

Provides tips and advice on stress, anger, anxiety and depression:


Support Groups

Peer to Peer Buddy System

Activism Workshops

Provides a platform for community service and outreach:

Community Service

Community Outreach

Platform to Speak unto Issues

Leadership Workshops

Provides personal and professional development:

Public Speaking Skills

Personal Development

Professional Development

Leadership Models

Entrepreneur Skills

Teamwork Workshops

Provides information on conflict management and team building strategies:

Conflict Management Skills

Team Building

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Health Workshops

Provides information on health issues and health risk assessments:

Health Issues


Health Assessments

Healthy Cooking